Winner of ‘Sentence to Start’ – Week #1

Congratulations to Justin Y. for submitting the sentence that received the most votes this week!

Great job, Justin!  A $5 ecard to Amazon or B&N is on it’s way.

Here it is:

“It was the last thing in the world he’d consider, and the first thing he’d run away from, but he was in a strange place, starving and no other option had presented itself.”

So many questions.  Who is ‘he’?  Where is he?  Why is he starving?  What is going to be the ‘it’ that is the last thing he would consider?   Justin’s sentence will be turned into a story for this coming Monday’s edition.

The sentences getting 2nd and 3rd place votes will be featured on Wednesday’s and Friday’s edition.  Be sure to check back!

Second most votes:

“Here’s the thing about lying: it works. And that’s the truth.”  (Submitted by Lana K.)

Sidenote: I have to admit, this was my personal favorite of the week!

Third most votes:

“He sadly looked on as the world he loved got smaller and smaller.”  (Submitted by Brian T.)