Praise for Chris Sorensen and The Greatest Discovery

“This is a remarkable book for many reasons.  Remarkable for the wisdom it delivers, gently and sincerely.  Sorensen’s writing is steady, clear, and devoid of artifice.” – The Roanoke Times 

“A gentle, thoughtful, and transforming debut novel about personal growth, The Greatest Discovery reveals [Chris Sorensen] as a gifted storyteller.  This book is rewarding and thoughtful.  Highly recommended reading!”  Midwest Book Review

“A beautifully written story about life that will make you laugh, make you cry, but more importantly, it will make you think.  I simply loved it!” – Ed J. Pinegar, Bestselling author 

“A book that reads more like a memoir than a novel, The Greatest Discovery is a gentle tale that will entertain and inspire you.  A first effort that is definitely worth reading.” – Alan Caruba,


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