Happy 4th of July – Help Give Independence to Someone in Need!

Good friend Don Bridges just recently had his 51st birthday.  A grand event seeing that he is one of the longest living ventilated quadriplegics…ever (27 years and counting)!  Each and every year is a blessing for him.

Don is an avid Virginia Tech alum and fan, an adorable cat lover, and one of the greatest people I know. While he strives to stay independent and live his life to the fullest, it takes the kind donations of others to help him do it.  This week marks the 5th annual ‘Drive for Independence’ and the opportunity for each of us to give a little (or alot) to help Don and others like him.

Please WATCH the video below, SHARE with others, and then visit Help Don Succeed to DONATE and help give independence this 4th of July!


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