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Song Writing vs. Fiction Writing

I don’t think I have ever talked about it much on here, but I enjoy writing song lyrics. Of my own accord, I have close to zero musical talent when it comes to instruments, but I love words and I love what happens to them with the right music. For over 15 years now I have collaborated on a number of songs with my good friend and singer-songwriter Justin Young. He is a phenomenal musician and singer…check him out here.

Is my song writing different than my fiction writing…I would say yes. In both instances I’m trying to tell a story, but the inspiration for each come from different sources. My novel writing ideas usually come from thoughts or plot ideas that I can’t get out of my head. It takes time to build upon the initial idea and make it into something coherent and believable.

Songs are different (at least for me). My inspiration for music usually comes from a feeling rather than a thought. For instance, this past week I watched the music video for ‘Back Then,’ by regular Youtube-er Julian Smith. I like his videos (very well done and usually very funny). This was his first music video for a more serious song and I loved it.

After listening to it, I couldn’t get the chorus or the tune out of my head. My wife happened to be out of town for an extended trip and I found myself missing her.  From that, with the tune of ‘Back Then’ still in my mind and a feeling of hope in my heart, the words started flowing. And just like any good writer should do, I just put them down on the page.

The end result (see below) took a little more darker turn than I expected. The initial feeling of the song was hopeful, but as the words kept coming, the song turned more negative than I expected…but that’s what came. I felt the need to explore what would happen if wanting someone else did not end as we hoped, how would that feel. (and for the record, my wife and I are perfectly wonderful:-) I have sent the lyrics to Justin and will see if he has any musical inspiration for it, and if not, that’s okay. But hopefully someday in the future, someone will read the words to this or hear the song and it will have the same affect on them that ‘Back Then’ did on me.

And that’s what writing is all about…leaving a piece of ourselves to inspire others.

Copyright 2014 Chris Sorensen

It’s 12:01 on Thursday
You’re waiting to fly away
I sit in bed and lie to myself
Saying I don’t care either way
You said that it was over
You said I had my chance
But there’s something inside me
Can’t let you go…won’t let it end like this
Did you receive my message
Way up in the clouds
I’m curious and patient
I’ll wait till you come back down
I just need a little glimmer
I just need you to throw a bone
Cause there’s something inside me
Won’t let you go…Can’t imagine you not at home
And you probably think I’m crazy
And you probably wish I was dead
But you’re not alone
Not here inside of my head
It’s all for you, these feelings
The feelings and the pain
My love is lost…Nothing left to gain
As I go insane
Without you
As I go insane
Without you
As I..
As I…
As I try to be me…without you
I never got your answer
With your feet back on the ground
I used to be full of hope
And try to spread some joy around
Now it seems eternal
The love that we lost is dead and gone
And there’s nothing inside me
Just an empty hole in a heart that did nothing wrong
And I’ve gone a little crazy
And some days feel like I am dead
Cause I’m all alone
In my heart and in my head
It was all for you, the feelings
It was all for you, the pain
My life is lost, nothing to gain
As I go insane…without you
As I go insane…without you
As I
As I
As I
Can’t ever be me…without you.