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My Favorite ‘Harry Potter’ Book (Through the Shelf Thursday #5)

Maybe you’ve heard of a book series called Harry Potter!?

I jest, of course you have.

This week, as I have been finishing up the second revision to my next YA novel, I have felt even more respect than I did (which is a lot) for J. K. Rowling and the world she created in Harry Potter.  Trying to write a fantasy novel, set in another world, with parallel story lines is a beast…and I’m only planning a trilogy.

So that got me thinking, “What do I like about the Harry Potter books?” and “Which one is my favorite and why?”  I’m sure you were also asking yourself, “I wonder which Harry Potter book is Chris’s favorite?”  Hence, this post:-)

Without question, my favorite book in the series is the third – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Why?  Plenty of reasons, but mainly two:

1) The character development. The building up of Sirius Black is alone worth the read, but then when you add in Lupin…wow! There are so many questions she builds throughout the book and, to me, she answers them wonderfully and at the same time staying true to the characters and the world she has built. To give Harry someone to have in that parental role was critical at this point in the story, and Sirius Black was perfect for it.

2) The foreshadowing. The first time I read it I had no idea Lupin is a…well, you know. The imagery she builds with the settings and scenes…amazing! Scabbers – WOW! Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs…didn’t have a clue, but what a treat it was to find out. As a writer, it is delightful to see someone spin magic like that.

As you are reading, it’s so simple, yet so well planned out and executed…all in favor to move the story forward. The author doesn’t use gimmicks or tricks just to be fancy or for a quick laugh.  I know she cares about these characters and she lets them to decide the pace and the outcome of the story. The characters are growing and learning and the conflict and the fight is real and we are watching it happen.  Most importantly… I care.


I loved it – there is nothing more to say (well, there is probably LOTS more I could say, but…):-)

What’s your favorite book in the Harry Potter series?