A Haiku on Editing and Revising (Maiden Update #6)

Doing something a little different today.

For about the last month I have been getting feedback and critiques on ‘Maiden’ from people I respect .  As much as I look forward to their insight – honestly, I do – it gets hard to keep going.  I am not a great writer.  But I want to grow and hone the craft, because I feel like I have a great story.

Having a great story is not the same as being a great writer.

I want people to see what I see and feel what I feel when they read ‘Maiden.’  I want them to love the characters and the places as much as I do.  I want them to laugh, cry, cheer and overall enjoy the experience.

Which is why I have to be patient and keep fighting the good fight,

One keystroke at a time…


One edit at a time…

One revision at a time.

Don’t hide from the critiques of others.  Maybe all of the feedback you get does not necessitate a change.  But when your gut tells you something can be improved, don’t think about all the extra time that will be spent changing things you thought were already fixed.  Embrace it and how it will help your story be great.  In the process, your writing is becoming great as well.

So in honor of the great encouragement I have received, the characters and plot points that will have to be sacrificed, and the many, many more hours still left to go, I present a haiku on editing and revising:

A Haiku by Chris Sorensen

How much good is best?
Things need to be fixed.
Away pride and false deadlines.