Why I wrote MAIDEN…

Three words:

  1. Alex
  2. Jordan
  3. Andi


In December of 2008 I was working on a middle-school adventure novel (which I might still finish one day), but I wasn’t happy with my writing. It was a chore. I was working on the story because I wanted to be a guy who sold lots of books, not a guy who wanted to share a good story. The conversation in my head went a little like this.

Me: I am not happy writing.

My Brain: Why?

Me: I don’t know. The story is just not coming together.

My Brain: Well who are you writing it for?

Me: [long pause] Middle school kids…I think!? They’ll buy it write!? Hopefully!?

My Brain: That’s not a good reason to write a story.

Me: Umm…I don’t know then.

My Brain: What if you wrote a story without worrying about who was going to buy it?

Me: Umm…but then who will buy it?

My Brain: Doesn’t matter.

Me: [scratching my head] So I just write a story that sounds fun and then figure out what to do with it after I write it?

My Brain: That sounds like a good idea.

Me: What if…what if I write a story just for my girls? A story they would like? That might be fun!

My Heart: BINGO!

This story is for my girls. I hope when they read the books they understand the royalty inside them and it urges them forward with faith and confidence. It is a planned trilogy, with the first book dedicated to my first fair maiden, Alex. It has been the most fun I have ever had writing.


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