Where have I been?

That’s a great question. Busy, busy, busy!

Point is, I’m still alive. Slow going more often than not, but still moving forward.

I’m on query number 18 (give or take) for MAIDEN with still no nibbles. But never fear, revising and submitting, waiting for just the right agent. Sent four more out yesterday, so we’ll see.

While working on landing an agent, I’ve taken a short break from MAIDEN to work on an middle-grade novel that’s been in the back of my mind…SEARCHING FOR MALCOLM (working title). Very excited about this one. Different style and tone than MAIDEN and, as a writer, it’s a little refreshing. Will share more about that project as time goes on.

What else have I been doing? Let’s see, work, family, church, and oh yeah, trying – somewhat successfully – to read THE STAND by Mr. Stephen “What Editor?” King. Wow! Talk about a man that isn’t short on words. I really do enjoy his writing style, very down to earth, and really draws you in, but good grief. One of my favorite quotes of King is “1st draft – 10% = manuscript”. More like 1st draft – 46%. But, ultimately, the fault lies with the editor, not him.

I hope you are doing well and I will continue to update (hopefully more frequently).

Be good!


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