My Interview on CBS6 ‘Virginia This Morning’

That’s right, I was on live TV (gulp)!  My first EVER TV appearance.  It was a truly wonderful experience.  The staff and crew were gracious, and Cheryl Miller who did the interview was very friendly and helped to set me at ease before the interview.

I was able to talk about my books, the publishing process and the changes in technology over the years (including the surge of ebooks).  I was also able to plug the ‘Celebrate with a Book‘ fair that took place the next day.

The best part about the whole experience was…I didn’t even ask for it.  It was completely out of the blue.  The producer for the show emailed me a few weeks ago and had been checking the blog for the ‘Celebrate with a Book‘ fair (which went great) and liked my profile enough to invite me on.  A testimony that if you work hard, keep the faith, and don’t give up, doors will continue to open for you.

Sidenote: “electronical” is a new word…all the hip kids are using it:-)



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