Changes to ‘Sentence to Start’

It’s been almost 2 months since my blog went live and I can’t believe how positive it has been.  The clicks, the feedback, the positive interaction…it’s been wonderful and I have learned a TON!

One of my main reasons for starting the blog was to be more interactive, and one of the main ways to do that was the idea behind ‘Sentence to Start’ – involve other readers/writers in my daily writing process.  It has been extremely fun, but it was a big learning curve for me and it’s time for some changes.

1) ‘Sentence to Start’ is now ‘Sentence to Story’.  I think the new name helps better communicate the point.

2) I got lots of feedback that having to vote on 10 sentences was too many, so now readers will only vote on 5 sentences.

3) I found that I was overbooking myself with working on my novel, regular work, and everyday life.  With three stories a week, along with the other posts, the site was getting away from me, and the quality was going down (not a good thing).  So after readers vote on the 5 sentences, I will write stories on the top 2 (Monday and Wednesday).

So nothing major, just some corrective action to keep things moving forward, trying to keep the quality of the stories and content high, and (hopefully) keeping you guys coming back for interaction and discussion.

I hope you enjoy the stories, please continue to submit sentences, and above all, feel free to let me know other ways that I can improve the overall quality of the site!


PS – I will be taking this week off from any stories to collect new sentences and get my bearings.  


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