Over Easy (Sentence to Story #13)

Although his morning had begun like any other day, as he stared at his plate of scrambled eggs something told him this was not to be just another day.

It was too quiet, maybe?
No, that wasn’t it.  Buster, the neighbor’s golden retriever next door, was barking away as usual.
Was he running late?
He checked his watch.  7:23am.  Still plenty of time to finish eating, finish the paper and be on the road in time to get to work.
Why am I so nervous?

He got up, still holding his coffee, but leaving the plate on the table.   With his black, nylon socks sliding across the hardwood floor, he walked over to the kitchen window.  The blue sky had only a few clouds scattered around.  The grass seed he planted in the spring had taken root and was now lush and vibrant.  Even Miss Tolliver’s daisy’s across the yard were coming in bright white with dot after dot of beautiful yellow.
Laughing at himself, he took one last sip from his mug and then poured the rest of his coffee in the sink.
Today is going to be a great day!

With his head still bent over the sink, he noticed a shadow falling over him.  He looked out of the window.  The few clouds that were there before were still trickling by, but not enough to cause a shadow.  Yet the light was gone; almost black.
Sliding over to the front door, he opened it and stepped out onto the porch.  Neighbors had noticed the sudden change too and were starting to venture outside.  Everyone was looking up, for something; some reason there was a gray cast where the sun had been shining brightly.
Then he saw it.  He assumed everyone saw it, but was in such a trance, a state of shock, he didn’t turn his head to look.  The massive fireball hurtling toward him.  It just kept getting bigger and bigger.
All around he heard screams and yells, people praying, Buster barking; yet as he stood in his nylon socks the only thing he could think of before it hit was that he was still hungry.
I always finish my breakfast.

First sentence of this story submitted by Dalynne D. It received the most votes for sentences submitted the week of October 8, 2012.  

Please leave comments below on if you liked the direction I took the story, or if you would have personally went a different way.  I would love to know!


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