Winner of ‘Sentence to Start’ – Week #4

Congratulations to Trey G. for submitting the sentence that received the most votes this week!

Great job, Trey G.  A $5 ecard to Amazon is on it’s way.

Here is the sentence:

“When I was young, I thought I truly had it all figured out.”

Didn’t we all?!  Trey’s sentence will be turned into a story for this coming Monday’s edition.

The sentences getting 2nd and 3rd place votes will be featured on Wednesday’s and Friday’s edition.  Be sure to check back!

Second most votes:

“You are the worst teacher ever,” came a voice from the back of the room.  (Submitted by Jim B.)

Third most votes:

She could feel his presence all around her and wished she could hear his voice just one more time assuring her that everything was going to be okay.  (Submitted by Cathy S.)


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