Sentence to Start – Week #4: Submit Away!

This week’s Sentence to Start story – The Fire – gave me a run for my money.  Great job Toni S.!!!

What great sentences can everyone come up with for this week?

If you don’t know the details, click here.  Basically, you submit a sentence that you think would make a great start to a story.

Then you, the readers, vote on the top 3.  In coming weeks I will use those 3 as my writing prompts and we find out exactly where our imaginations can take us:-)

So enter away, share with friends, and be sure to check back next week to vote.  You can leave me sentences in the comments below, on FacebookGoodReads, or Twitter (I have a new Twitter account created just for this – @sentencetostart).

I will collect sentences until Friday at midnight.

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to reading everybody’s sentences!


By submitting a sentence(s) you agree that the sentence(s) submitted become the property of Christopher Sorensen to be used and/or altered in any manner whatsoever.  You also acknowledge that you have no copyright claim whatsoever in any work derived from the sentence(s) you submit.


  1. A strained coldness oscillated with her voice as callous words never imagined were spoke, and although a false rationale was obvious, the truth was unknowable.

  2. Backing this car out of the garage is like disembarking a shuttle craft from a docking bay he thought to himself.

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