The Fire (Sentence to Story #4)

There are some stories that are never told and then there are the ones that are retold throughout the ages, this is one.

“What do you know of the fire?” Malin asked, removing the stick out of the circled blaze.  He held it just close enough so his young grandson, Reto, could see the flame dance at the tip.  The flame was large enough to swirl shadows of the boy’s necklace onto his bare chest.

Reto watched the flicker, mesmerized.  “It came from above,” the boy said, pointing to the sky.  “One of the night fires fell and burned everything in it’s path.  It wanted a new home.”

Malin nodded, pleased with the boy’s answer.  “Do you know why it wanted a new home?” the old man asked, putting the stick back into the pile of logs that were burning.

Reto considered the question carefully.  He finally shook his head, eager.

Again, Malin was pleased.    He removed the stick again from the fire, the tip burning still.  He picked up another stick at his side and held it in his other hand.

Malin pointed the stick with the flame at the end toward the sky and said, “Up in the dark, fire was alone.  By itself it burned and would one day turn black and cold.”  He slowly lowered the flame down to the other stick, Reto’s eyes watching every movement.  “It left the sky to come to us.”

Malin brought the tips of the two sticks together.  The heat crackled and popped, until both tips were flaming bright.

Reto smiled.

Malin handed one of the sticks to his grandson.

“That was a long time ago that the fire came to us.  It gave itself to us because it would rather share itself and live than stay alone and die,” Malin said, looking at Reto intently.

The young boy held the stick firmly as the flame danced on the end.  “I think I understand grandfather.”

Malin nodded, satisfied, and with his grandson sat and watched the fire continue to burn.

First sentence of this story submitted by Toni S. It received the most votes for sentences submitted the week of September 17, 2012.  

Please leave comments below on if you liked the direction I took the story, or if you would have personally went a different way.  I would love to know!


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