Winner of ‘Sentence to Start’ – Week #2

Congratulations to Toni S. for submitting the sentence that received the most votes this week!

Great job, Toni!  A $5 ecard to Amazon or B&N is on it’s way.

Here it is:

“There are some stories that are never told and then there are the ones that are retold throughout the ages; this is one.”

Eek – talk about throwing down the gauntlet!  Toni’s sentence will be turned into a story for this coming Monday’s edition.

The sentences getting 2nd and 3rd place votes will be featured on Wednesday’s and Friday’s edition.  Be sure to check back!

Second most votes:

“The bank teller read the note the little girl handed him: ‘giv me all yur munee and no body gets hert.’  ” (Submitted by Wes G.)

Third most votes:

“He always wondered what the initials ‘XAQI’ stood for that were tattooed on his father’s arm, and today he would find out.”  (Submitted by Justin Y.)


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