Sentence to Start – Week #1: Submit Away!

Off we go!

I am excited to see what everyone has to share.  Click on the ‘Sentence to Start’ link above to get the details, but basically all this week I am collecting sentences as writing prompts.  You can leave me sentences in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

Next week you – the readers – will vote on the top 10 sentences, narrowing it down to 5 winners.  The person who submitted the sentence who gets the most votes will win an ecard to Amazon or Barnes & Nobles (winners choice).

The top 5 sentences will be my writing prompts for the following week.  This will be a fun way for you to put my writing to the test.  Who knows where your sentence may lead?!  Below is an example of one I already received:

  • “Toshiro was mad at the earthquake for smashing his life flat.” (entered by Shomeret on GoodReads)

Fun, no?!

So enter away, share with friends, and be sure to check back next week to vote.

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to reading everybody’s sentences!


By submitting a sentence(s) you agree that the sentence(s) submitted become the property of Christopher Sorensen to be used and/or altered in any manner whatsoever.  You also acknowledge that you have no copyright claim whatsoever in any work derived from the sentence(s) you submit.


  1. I think I spelled it wrong… I was trying to quote “Throw Mama from the Train”. The night was humid… saltery. Just being silly. Have a great day.

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