Content, Content, Content

As my journey as a writer grows and I interact with more readers and writers online, I feel I am coming to a very small realization of the importance of ‘content’.  I’ve heard that word a lot, but feel like I am starting to grasp it…even if it’s on a basic level.

What I’m noticing about the sites that I personally frequent:

1) Their content is well written.  You can tell that they care about the subject enough to take it seriously.

2) Their content is consistent and up-to-date.  They provide enough of it that it keeps me coming back to hear what they have to say without feeling overwhelmed or that I’m reading the same stuff over and over again.

3) They have a personality that is likeable.  They don’t have to be funny, or serious, or dramatic, or over-the-top, or crazy…they don’t have to be any of these ALL the time.  They just have to be…likeable.  Whether it comes out through pictures, or their blog setup, or in their writing style, there is likeable interaction that attracts readers to them and makes them want to come back.

Good things for me to keep in mind as I move forward!


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